Parts Requests

Gruen Parts Finder Service - NEW for 2017
This may be a terrible idea, but I'm willing to give it a go.

Are you looking for an obscure Gruen part?
Having trouble locating a crystal?

Maybe I can help. I've got more parts than need and I enjoy watching people make these Gruens whole again.

If you fill out the form, I'll see what I can do to help you locate your part.

Let me set may be up to a week before I reply.
Price will depend on how common the item is.
I use genuine Gruen parts but do have other parts manufacturers if I don't have one that is Gruen made
Mainsprings $25
Stems $15
Crowns $25 for signed Gruen
Crowns unsigned $20
Crystals $20 and up for glass (I don't have plastic)
Shipping is flat $2 for First Class or $8 for Priority Mail

Gruen Parts Request Form - Use ONLY FOR PARTS REQUESTS

Common Parts

I'm willing to pay for this part