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A "spooky Gruen Time Hill" drawing taken from the newly discovered Annual Reports

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Date your Gruen using Style Numbers with the new online Style Number Date Calculator

Simply enter your Style Number in the box below to find your watch's date and additional Style Number information. This calculator provides dates for Style Numbers back to 1925.

If your case has 2 numbers, verify that your watch's movement caliber matches one from the list of calibers the tool provides.
(2) In some cases, the Caliber and Style Numbers are reversed.

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BOOKS to help with identifying and repairing your Gruen watch are now available on Amazon as well as Lulu!  Lulu has the entire list of Gruen books while Amazon is a subset.  See coupons further down this page or on Lulu's homepage for more savings!

A new lower cost, soft cover version of The Gruen Watch Catalog is now available.  

The Front Page... highlights

More research and digging into the high res photos. Matching them against the book "Worthy Company". Read about it here.

Added an online index for all of the movements that can be found in the Gruen Repairer's Reference.

Gruen Parts Requests If you're having a hard time finding a part, maybe we can help.

Movement Catalog additions. It's growing... slowly.  Looking at making a WALL CHART of Gruen movements. Fun!  Since I've got these high-resolution photos, why not blow them up and put something useful on them??  It's likely I can have a choice of several backgrounds.

Fred Gruen's watchmaking school notes... all 97 pages worth are posted and readable online.

Added caliber 510 mainspring size on the mainspring reference page and updated the reference PDF to version 5. The 510 mainspring was only sold as a barrel and mainspring sub-assembly. Gruen never published the size of the spring nor could you buy it separately from the barrel.  Weird.  Spoiler... the 510 uses a Dennison 2.5 x 10 x 14 inches.

Site cleanup.... a number of old webpages that should have been removed remained in the sitemap are now password protected to stop the search engines from crawling them. No great conspiracy here to see.

Advertising... yes, ads have been added here and there on the site recently.  
I know some people are furious when they see ads. If you're one of those people and prefer to help keep this site running, then I've added a convenient Donate button on the About page. My goal has always been to provide people with as MUCH Gruen information that I can either buy, beg, or research, for as long as I can.

It's already been a BUSY NEW YEAR!

NEW tools for dating your Gruen watch!

Serial numbers for cases made by Gruen, Keystone, Star have just been released. You'll find them on the Serial Numbers page.

More Gruen Annual reports. A generous reader has located and provided to me the "missing years" and in the process almost doubled the number of pages to 342 pages!

And, a new "series".... 

"Fred's Big Adventure!"

In this series of PDF posts contains pages from Fred's hand-written diary chronicling the train trip he took with George Gruen in Aug of 1934 (I think). The trip was from Chicago to Yellowstone and was over a week. There are 200 small hand-written pages. The handwriting is difficult to read, so I'm having this document transcribed.

We will all learn together what kind of writer Fred Gruen was as the pages are being transcribed and released a few at a time.

Keep checking back as more pages are added every day or two! 

More free stuff! An early version of the Gruen Horological Text

I'm making available another newly discovered Gruen document. For the price of $0.00 you can download or read online the Gruen Watchmaking Institute's course materials. You'll find the 88 page document on the page titled FREE Watchmaking Course.  Enjoy and happy watchmaking!

A plea to eBay sellers....

You can help Gruen research GREATLY with your ebay Gruen watch listing.  PLEASE consider taking clear pictures of the case interior & movement and embedding them into the listing itself.  Also, if you can include the serial numbers for the movement and case it will be of GREAT USE to Gruen researchers trying to do things like, oh, decode the serial numbers.  In fact, the recent publication of serial numbers for 4 case manufacturers couldn't have been completed without the help of ebay listings. 

Yes, these numbers sometimes don't mean anything, right now, but they most certainly will in the future!  These sequences will be decoded so that more accurate dating of Gruen watches can be completed.  Thank you to all the wonderful ebay sellers that have been providing this information in their listings! 

Remember to check your serial numbers against the movement AND case serial number databases!  You may be able to quite accurately pinpoint when your specific watch was made!  

New discoveries are published every few months (if not every few weeks) so keep checking back!

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