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The Collector's Edition of The Gruen Watch Model Identification Guide
A Hard Cover Book containing BOTH VOLUMES 1 and 2

Get the Hardcover Collector's Edition for the same price as the combined prices for the current Volume 1 and Volume 2 soft cover books. That's right, get both volumes, in hardcover format, for the same price as the soft cover versions. See the Gruen Bookstore for more information on ordering. 

Aug 2014

  • Analysis of the accuracy of images drawn by Gruen advertisement artists shows great accuracy of the illustrations. Ads researched shows watches were traced from actual photographs.
  • Visit the Style Number Dating page often to access the data online or want to post the address? Here's a new address that's easy for you to remember, redirects you instantly, and says what you're doing
  • Having trouble using Style Numbers to date your watch? An Annex added to the Style Number Dating information may hold the answers you need.
  • Beautiful Quadron 77 added to my restorations gallery.

July 2014

  • Pictures of an original pencil sketch from the book "A Worthy Company of Watchmakers"

July 2014

  • Identification of a stunning Cartouche 76 is the latest Gallery Entry

July 2014

  • More stunning galleries of EmpressiSissi restored watches

June 2014

  • Two postcard scans and a photograph posted in Reference section. Interestingly, they are all identical despite looking quite different. You'll find them here.
  • New downloadable capability for high resolution images from Gruen Guild book and Repairer's Reference using the gallery of samples pages. You can find the galleries in the Gruen Bookstore
  • hard cover version of the Repairer's Reference is now available for $33 over on Lulu
  • Pan American dial for Pebble Smart Watch in the reference section
  • Elgin WWII A-11 dial for the Pebble Smart Watch


Gruen Pan American Dial on the Pebble Smart Watch

Get a Pan American on your Smart Watch 

May 2014

  • Another beautiful (stunning really) watch by EmpressiSissi is showcased in the Gallery section. 

May 2014

  • A newly discovered model name posted in the Gallery second. The 1940 Belmont is a beautiful two-tone black and grey example one of the last caliber 500's Gruen made. You'll find it in Mike's Restoration Gallery.
  • More  galleries added including shots of 1948 Groom model kindly provided by friend and eBay seller EmpressiSissi.
  • Pictures of the pages from a rare treat, a one of a kind Gruen document, the notes Fred Gruen took while attending watchmaking school. 

April 2014

The latest scoop.... Volume 2 is shipping which means I can take a short break.

Since my Gruen books are written in parallel, they sometimes released close to each other.  ow another Gruen identification book, from the Decade Series, is making the turn to go into the final stretch to the finish line.  The end is in sight, a great feeling.

I thought it might be nice to share with you a tiny fraction of the interesting things I found and learned from newspapers spanning 1911 to 1929, the span of the book. This period of time has a feel to it entirely different than the other Decade volumes. Each decade has it's own personality.  

Learn more in the Reference section - Advertising from newspapers in the 1920's

The Latest in the Gruen Model Identification Books

Cover of The Gruen Watch Model Identification Guide Volume 2 book

Three years in the making and it's finally done.  

The Gruen Watch Model Identification Guide Volume 2 contains considerably more watches than Volume 1 -- 60% more to be exact - the two Volumes together provide identification for over 1,000 vintage Gruen watches. Volume 1 has 97 pages identifying 389 models while Volume 2 has 170 pages that identifies 648 watch models, totaling more than 1,000 watches. Amazingly this accounts for less than 1/2 of the watch models Gruen made.

Watches of every type of Gruen watch are identified. These include the main 'series' of Gruen watches -  Curvex, Veri-Thin, Quadron, Cartouche, Baguette, Auto-Wind.

The book is available for purchase in the Gruen Bookstore.

Learn how to Identify Gruen watches! 

You too can be a pro at finding information about any Gruen watch using the tips, techniques and tools found here
As part of the desire to help educate and foster education in Gruen watches and the ability to identify them, I wrote a new tutorial outlining some of my secret tools and techniques that I employ when researching a new (to me) Gruen watch.  There's actually no secrets, just patience and hard work. 

Find the name and the age of your Vintage Gruen, even if you're not an expert.

Vintage Gruen Curvex Comet MikeTheWatchGuy's First Gruen

This is THE watch that hooked me, yanked me into the world of Gruens.  It started the obsession I suppose.  Until I restored this specific watch, I had never heard the name "Gruen" before (honest). I even had this watch for sale on eBay before I noticed the beauty. 

If you're new to Gruens, I hope you stay for a while with Gruens and get to know the brand. It's full of adventures and mysteries unlike any other watch brand.

The New Style Number Dating Method for dating Gruen wristwatches helps collectors obtain date information for almost all Gruens, regardless of who made the case or the caliber of the watch, etc.  It's about as general purpose of a dating tool as one could imagine. You don't have to already know much about the watch in order to date it. You need to read some information in the back of the case.

FREE Windows software available on the same information page for quickly determining your watch's approximate date (using this new technique). NEW version 2.0 for 2014 makes a major improvement in the data provided back to you.

This method was published in the AWCI (American Watchmakers Clockmakers Institute) and most recently by the NAWCC (National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors) in the NAWCC Bulletin's April 2013 issue.  It was the featured article of the month so that members and non-members could read it.  Should you wish to read this month's free NAWCC's Bulletin article it's here on the NAWCC's website.  

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