Rare Time Hill Super High Resolution Photos

Time Hill in High Resolution
I recently received a box of photographs from a generous rare book dealer.  It contained about 50 large photographs and a dozen negatives. The photos seem to be from around 1917.  There is a calendar hanging  next to a watchmaker's bench with May 1917 showing.  Because the photos are large and have great detail, I scanned them with as much resolution as my scanner is capable of scanning and I used several tools to remove noise from the scans so that you can zoooooom way in on these to get even further details.

These photos are a Karma lesson if I've ever seen one.  I try to be generous with my time, money, watches and possessions.  I'm a firm believer in "what goes around comes around" life lessons. I like to think that because I've been a generous person I was rewarded with these awesome photos!  I owe a great deal of thanks to Bill who sent these to me.

Here's proof positive that treating other people with respect and generosity does have an eventual payback of sorts.  

If you like these, then all I ask in return is for you to keep the spirit of generosity going by doing something nice for someone today.  

Gallery 1 - All photos approx 1920 x 1440