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Download the pages above in the Gallery in PDF format

I have taken the images in the Gallery above and put them into PDF format.  You can download them and look at them through your PDF reader which allows you to zoom, etc.  Like all of my PDFs, it is searchable, made possible by a commercial quality OCR engine.

Also a habit of mine, I am including a large, original images sized PDF file as well as a smaller more compressed file.  The compressed one actually looks great despite a little compression.

This is the smaller, slightly compressed down to 4 MB but has exactly the same search capability as the larger 

Rice Business Leaders - Normal size.pdf Rice Business Leaders - Normal size.pdf
Size : 3939.278 Kb
Type : pdf

And this PDF is has the pages not compressed and is 24 MB

Rice Business Leaders - Originals.pdf Rice Business Leaders - Originals.pdf
Size : 24678.502 Kb
Type : pdf