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The advertisement on the left was printed in the Saturday Evening Post in 1941. Its theme is built around the book, "How to Get a Good Job and Keep It" by Walter Pitkin.

The advertisement itself is common and generally available on eBay every week.  However, the book, which is shown on the ad at the top right, is a less common, perhaps rare, item.

To the right is the cover of the book by Pitkin that's mentioned in the ad. Looking at the ad closer, the book was available at jewelers that carry Gruen. You would think that there would be many more floating around.

Below you will find all of the pages in the book. Interestingly, the book's advice today is as true and relevant as it was when penned in 1941. So, all you slackers out there, pay attention!

Above is the new style of picture gallery I've been using lately. Once you click on an image, the interface is pretty intuitive. Below is the older one.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE OLD GALLERY - Click on any picture to begin reading from that point in the book. Navigation once in picture viewer -- Click on "Next" or the right hand page itself to turn the page to the next page, click "Prev" or the left hand page to see previous page. 

Reposting these images is OK.  Go ahead and save them should you wish to use them.  Please leave them unedited if you can (not a must, just a request). For your convenience they are contained in the ZIP file to the right.

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