1917 Gruen Blue Book and A 1918 Price List

The 1917 Gruen "Blue Book" – a pocket calendar for the year 1917

There are a number of pedestrian items that researchers of Gruen watches now consider to be like gold. At the time of their creation these items were disposable and meant to be ordinary objects used in day to day life. Today every tiny bit of information is scraped from them and utilized to piece together the Gruen story. One such item is a humble pocket calendar for the year 1917. It has become to be known as the "1917 Blue Book". It contains a wealth of information on early Gruen watches and watch movements.

Below is a link to a PDF that contains the first 42 pages of the Blue Book. It contains not only information on watches but also has information what was valued by the Gruen watch company management. There is a section titled "Values" and another titled "Slogans". I hope that you are able to use this document to help tell the Gruen story.

A 1918 Price List - from "A Worthy Company of Watchmakers"

Also on this page you will find a link to download a PDF of the price list that accompanied the book "A Worthy Company of Watchmakers". The plate numbers and page numbers correspond to that book. Even without the book the price list still contains valuable information.

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Gruen 1918 price list.pdf Gruen 1918 price list.pdf
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