How to Open a Vintage Wristwatch Case

Since publishing the Style Number Dating article there have been countless Gruen watch cases opened to retrieve the information contained in the case. 

This tutorial on opening a snap-back style case is far from perfect, likely contains errors, and hopefully works for the people reading and attempting to follow it.

As explained in the tutorial itself, I take no responsibility for damage to your watch should you decide to attempt to open it. 

I've tried, best I can, to describe the techniques I use that have been successful for me in the past. There is no guarantee that it will work for you. 

I suck at HTML and website stuff. This page's layout is far from perfect and may not work well in some or the majority of browsers. I have posted a PDF file with the same information that is on this page. I'm sure it will work much better than the HTML.

This is one of those tutorials that I welcome some feedback on should you find errors. If you simply disagree with the techniques described, well, you can keep those to yourself... I'm not interested in a debate. I am interested in providing help, to the best of my abilities so know that I at least mean well.

How to open a vintage watch case Ver 1.2 .pdf How to open a vintage watch case Ver 1.2 .pdf
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