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A brief history of was launched in 2009 as a place for Gruen collectors and restorers to hang out and trade information. The site originally included a lively Gruen-only forum, the first Gruen only forum on the net that demonstrated that there are many Gruen fans. The purpose was a simplistic one, connect Gruen collectors. From there it organically grew into a friendly, helpful, and dedicated community of collectors, restorers, and researchers.

The forum was up for 4 years from 2009 to 2013.  In 2013 the forum was closed. Since then hundreds of pages of research data has been made available here, for free. 

Explore and enjoy the SITE !  It's here for your enjoyment and education.

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A good example is the FREE HOROLOGICAL TEXT document that was purchased, then carefully scanned, and finally a high-quality ebook was created for your enjoyment.  

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