Canadian Invoices - A WEALTH of information

Invoices for many Gruen watches - 25 pages valuable of research data

I purchased these invoices that originated in Gruen Canada.  For the first few years, they sat dormant but I knew that the data contained in them was significant.

A few years later this data proved to in fact be useful and in fact critical in some of our Gruen research. The case serial number effort used them, determining ages of models, the movement caliber each watch should contain, .......

They also contain names of watches not yet identified. One that stands out is the Pan American Speedway. Much time has been spent searching for this elusive watch, but no luck yet. If you figure it out, post it on a forum!

The 25 rare invoices were scanned and put into this PDF document that you are free to download.

I hope you enjoy this documents. 

It took time to put this together (more than I care to admit) and finances to purchase them. I gladly share them with you for your own use. Researchers, have at 'em!

Gruen Canadian Invoices 1940s 1950s.pdf Gruen Canadian Invoices 1940s 1950s.pdf
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Download all of the invoices in a single PDF. If you downloaded the PDF prior to Nov 2014, you will want to re-download this cleaned up version. It's nicely cropped and the search results are superior

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