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What Makes a Curvex Watch a Curvex?

SO often Gruen watches that are not Curvexes are claimed to be Curvexes. This happens on eBay on a daily basis. The shape of the watch is not what defines a Curvex model. Don't be fooled by dishonest sellers that are making false claims. The test for determining if a watch is a Curves, or not a Curvex is quite simple. In order for a watch to be Curvex, it must contain one of the Curvex caliber movements. There are only four men's caliber movements and three women's caliber movements that are Curvexes. If the watch does not contain one of these 7 movements, then it is simply not a Curvex. 

The same kind of rules apply to Quadron models. If a watch does not contain one of the movements that are defined as a Quadron movement, then the watch is not a Quadron. There are seven Gruen movements that are Quadron movements.

Curvex Movement Calibers 

Many newcomers, and especially eBay sellers, are confused about what makes a Curvex a Curvex.
A Curvex MUST be one of these Calibers:

311 - 1935
330 - 1937
440 - 1940
370 - 1948 ("Curvametric" movement)

520 - 1936
350 - 1938
285 - 1948 

The Quadron Family of Movements Calibers

Quadrons are a little different from Curvexes in their movement definitions can vary a little. I was taught these are the core movements that make up the quadron family.

117    17 jewel
119    17 jewel
123    17 jewel
157    15 jewel
325    17 jewel
3251  21 jewel
877    Techniquadron

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