Fred Gruen's Watchmaking School Notes

Fred Gruen's Watchmaking School Lecture Notes

I'm pleased to be able to finally make these available!  Was able to take apart the book so that the pages could be scanned.

I am always on the lookout for unusual, difficult to locate, and usually personal or original material. I don't know exactly how I stumble into these things other than I actively work at it and almost nothing is free.  The "free" high resolution images of Time Hill I recently posted, for example, came about from doing business for several years with a rare book seller.  It was this book dealer that sold me these notes many years ago.

This and other personal effect's of Fred must be donated at some point down the road. They must be scanned and made available to everyone. "Who is the correct recipient?" is the question I struggle with when these kinds of artifacts come to light. I am more and more convinced that the long term security of Gruen historical items will be best served by the Cincinnati public library system or something of this magnitude. They have lasting power that the watch organizations may not have.

Fred Gruen attended the Horological Institute of Glashutte in Dresden Germany and graduated with honors in 1893.

Interesting that these notes are written in English while the course was taught in German.  

These facts alone easily demonstrate the genius that Fred Gruen possessed.