Gruen Postcards

Time Hill East View - Two post cards and a rare photograph

Two East View Postcards Are Identical... and identical to an old photograph taken of the same view.

This page was to simply contain a couple of recently scanned postcards, but as editing was done on them, it became very apparent that these cards are identical. One would not think they are the same as one is in the style of the drawings in A Worthy Company of Watchmakers, a 1920's book. The other is a color postcard. When cropping the scans, I couldn't help but notice that the angle of the drawings was identical... and I recalled I have a photo with a similar shot. 

It turns out all 3 of them are exactly the same when superimposed on top of one another. There goes the romantic notion of an artist sitting atop Time Hill, sketching illustrations for the "Worth Company of Watchmakers" book. Either both cards are based on this photo, or the photographer, and the postcard artists were all standing on the exact same location, at nearly the exact same day.

I made several Photoshop images from these 3 scans that demonstrates they are the same. Some have the uppermost item semi-opaque, and others have the same kind of treatment but the image is shifted so you can better see that there are 2 images on top of each other. They are so very close to being identical copies that it's hard to tell just by the superimposing.