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Gruen Watchmaking Institute Course Materials - 1946 Version

Jan 2017 Update

I'm pleased to be able to share with everyone another rare Gruen document.  The document is the course materials for the Watch Repair and Cleaning Course that Gruen taught in their classrooms. The Gruen Watchmaking Institute was a part of Gruen opened to help train veterans returning from World War II.  It seems to have been a successful venture as I've never read anything negative about it and their materials are top-notch in quality.

When I stumbled onto Gruen, one of the first rare documents I located was the "Gruen Horological Text" which was their official textbook for this course.  My published book that contains the course also includes many additional documents such as the Technical Bulletins, etc.  Because it was so well written and I was able to pull together the entire set of Technical bulletins, I created a book from it that you can purchase from Lulu.  

Anyway, this particular version of the textbook is not typeset. Much of the text is identical to the final Horological Text. The Horological Text is dated 1948.  This "early edition" has a date of 1946 on one of the pages.

A higher-quality version of this document will likely land in an ebook store soon, but I wanted to make it available for free to the die-hard Gruen people for a while first.  :-)  

Gruen Watchmaking Institute Course Materials PDF for downloading

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