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I no longer do Identifications at the request of visitors... I'm sorry but the time required to do an ID greatly outweighed my free time. Additionally, I didn't value my own time quite so much as I make maybe $2 an hour when I do one of these.

Due to the large number of requests I get to gain more information about a specific watch, rather than turn them away I provide inexpensive Identification Service. Perhaps I can help turn someone that just found their first Gruen into a Gruen collector.

As you can easily see by this site, my identification books, my passion for Gruens is all about identifying the darned things.  If not, I wouldn't have written 5 ID books and published some of the material the Gruen Company authored.  They're often tedious and not the most interesting of books to write, and as one NAWCC reviewer called the effort, it's a "thankless task".  In reality, it's not completely thankless because I DO get Thank You's when one of my books or something from the free material on this site is particularly helpful. 

The cost of my Identification Work for you is a flat $20. I will provide you detailed information about your watch.  Details minimally include the Model Name of the Watch.  Without providing this minimal information I "fail".  If I fail, you receive a complete refund of your $20. 

Sometimes this kind of research can take hours.  I have over 1,000 pages of written reference material I've published, plus databases, etc.  To find your particular watch, I must look through this and often more. Pause for a moment and think about how much your time is worth. How much of your time can I get for $20?

In order to have your watch Identified, I must first receive your PayPal payment as well as 5 clear pictures of your watch. These pictures include

  • A straight on shot of the whole watch including dial, etc
  • A picture of the back of the watch
  • An angled picture what as part of the angle, I can see 1 side.
  • A picture of the BACK inside of the case. If you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself, take it to a watchmaker (jewelry stores often have one)
  • While you have the case open, a picture of the movement

I can promise you I will try my best for you and attempt to not just get the model name, but other data such as the year it was likely made, the kinds of cases it came in, the original band material, etc.  The only thing I can't answer that I am almost always asked to do, tell you the value of your watch.  For that, I suggest finding something similar, or the same watch on eBay. More watches change hands there daily than anywhere else, especially Gruens. Market values for watches constantly change.

Click the Pay Now button to send your $20 for a guaranteed Model Name + more information if available (I typically can find more) about your Gruen watch.  You agree to send the 5 photos detailed in the above description.  Should the information about your watch not be found, you will receive a full and complete refund.

 Click the blue email button once you have decided to purchase an identification. To get started immediately, send the payment and your 5 clear pictures and I'll get started as soon as possible. Please remember, in order to perform a good identification of your watch, you need to supply a clear picture for each of the shots I have requested in the description above.