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Free Gruen 453 Material Catalog. Read below for instructions 

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The Gruen 453 Material Catalog was the last of the series of vintage catalogs produced by Gruen. It dates to 1953. There was one produced in the 1970's that was a big departure from these early Material Catalogs and isn't very interesting. Contained inside is information on

  • Parts interchangeability (stems, staffs, all other watch parts)
  • Movement descriptions
  • Hand sizes and types

A real plus of this Material Catalog is that it covers a wide range of Gruen movements, from the early years of before 1910 such as the caliber 98, through all of the Curvexes (Calibers 
311 330 440 370), the Veri-Thin calibers, the Quadron, the Cartouche, the Baguette, and nearly every other caliber Gruen made.  
The Gruen Caliber 415 movement even sneaks into the catalog.  This important movement was used heavily throughout the 1950's as round watches became popular. After 1953 Gruen began to stop making movements for themselves and turned to ebauche makers.

Gruen also made similar catalogs containing detailed information on movements from the era they were printed. Movements discontinued by 1953 are covered in earlier catalogs. The years these core catalogs were made are 1939, 1945, 1948, 1953, and they are numbered 539, 545, 448, 453.

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