Original Pencil Sketch

The original pencil drawing used to create the plate on page 13 of A Worthy Company of Watchmakers published in 1918

This framed pencil sketch is the original that was used to create the plate on page 13 of the book "A Worthy Company of Watchmakers". It's a surprisingly small sketch that is a gorgeous piece, great example of a loose and primitive style of drawing. It was one of the many Gruen artifacts uncovered at the estate sale of Margaret Gruen Longacre, daughter of one Fred Gruen. 

Several of these sketches have surfaced, many of them do not have the artist's signature. This one does but it is visible when the piece is in its frame. One of he photographs is of the signature taken with the frame removed. It is signed E. D. Roth (Ernest David Roth). He was a German born artist that was quite successful. This sketch is in the style of his work. You can see many of his pieces here.

The sale was one of the most significant auctions of Gruen material ever with many items from Fred Gruen's personal library sold. To give an idea of the scope, priceless items such as the sign in book located at the front desk were part of the sale. Even the death certificate for Fred was sold (that's just plain creepy and weird!). Most items were priced very reasonably, others, such as the sign in book went for thousands of dollars.