Gruen Dials for the Pebble Smart Watch

Gruen Dials for Pebble Smart Watches

Have you taken the millennial jump to a "smart watch", but still need your Gruen fix daily?  Then perhaps a Gruen dial on your Pebble is what you need...

I'll skip all the info, hype, stories of llllloooonnnnnngggggg wait times, showing off to your friends you have the latest and greatest watch toy :-)   So I almost skipped it.  You can get one at BestBuy as well as directly from Pebble.

Creating dials is not difficult as the generous enthusiasts have written and made available for free a number of dial creation apps. The number of dials has really grown to a billion dials you can download. However, I kept waiting for a Gruen to show up and one hasn't, so, it was time to "represent" for the Gruen-people and make one.  An obvious choice for the first one was a Pan American. My Pebble Gruen dial is based on a 1944 model Pan American. It's far from the best Pebble dial you'll see that's for sure, but it's a start and fun to be able to switch to every now and then.

I created 2 variants for the Pan Ams. One has an autowind-style power indicator meter in the upper right corner. The other dial is a plain Pan American dial and does not have the indicator.

While I'm an all-Gruen guy, I do dabble slightly outside the Gruen confines in WWII military watches. I'm including an Elgin WWII A-11 Pebble dial too. It's in the same spirit as the Pan Am in era and military style. And, it turned out pretty good as Pebble dial.

Technical Details

NOTE - These dials require Pebble firmware version 2 and above.

You can download the Pebble files here or via the Pebble application and faces site  I'll do the required work (soon) to get these listed in the Pebble Application store that is built into the Pebble application on your phone but in the meantime you can load them yourself.  The files downloadable here and those on are exactly the same.

The way I load my dials is to place them in Dropbox. Then on my phone I open each file in dropbox and send it to the Pebble Update app that will then download it. You may get a warning that the dial file could contain bad code as it is not originating from the Pebble app site. Don't worry, I'm not an a-hole trying to brick your Pebble.

Here are pics from my Pebble screen along with the associated PBW file you can download

Has the power reserve indicator in the upper right. Don't forget to wind your Pebble when it gets low.

gruen_1944_pan_american_battery.pbw gruen_1944_pan_american_battery.pbw
Size : 14.297 Kb
Type : pbw

 Pebble Gruen Pan American Dial no power reserve

gruen_1944_pan_american.pbw gruen_1944_pan_american.pbw
Size : 10.53 Kb
Type : pbw

An Elgin WWII A-11 pilot's watch dial for the Pebble Smart Watch.  This dial is a direct scan of one of the dials so it's about of an accurate representation as you can get. 

elgin_a11_wwii_dial.pbw elgin_a11_wwii_dial.pbw
Size : 10.511 Kb
Type : pbw