Booklet From 1929 Guild Book

"How to Select and Care for a Fine Watch" Booklet

This little booklet was pasted into the 1929 Guild Watch Makers Guild Book. The small 25 page book has the title "How to Select and Care for a Fine Watch". The date printed in it is 1929. It has educational material on Gruen watches that you have likely not previously seen. In the back of the booklet are illustrations of 4 pocket watches and 16 wristwatches with information about them in a format similar to the Guild book.

A second one of these was located by Gruen researcher Jason Kastner.  Jason was kind enough to give me permission to scan and post his version here.  The differences are in the watches shown in the back of the booklet. His version contains information on a Carre, 4 pocket watches, and 16 wristwatches. I believe this version is newer than the other because the watches chosen all have model names, one of which is the Nassau. The Nassau name was not shown in the 1931 supplement, the first place we see true model names appearing in these documents. It also likely means that Jason's booklet was never in the back of one of these Guild Books but was instead one of the individual advertisements Gruen published.

Like my other free Gruen documents that you'll on this site, I've created a searchable PDF file for your education and enjoyment! You can download it using the link below. I hope you learn something you didn't previously know about Gruen.

Download PDFs for both of the booklet's by clicking the links to the left.  You can read them online below. 

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